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There has never been a better time to work in facilities management. Whether you focus on hard FM or soft FM, work in-house or within an outsourced consultancy, the industry and the responsibilities of the facilities management department are growing.

This growth has created more opportunities, but also more competition in the job market. While FM qualifications and experience will always be essential, it’s the soft skills that are becoming an increasingly key factor in the recruitment process.

Our FM team have highlighted five soft skills that can help you manage your team:

Customer Service

The ability to listen to your client’s needs and find proactive solutions, while delivering outstanding customer service is essential but it also extends to your team. Actively seek and welcome feedback that will help you make the right changes to ensure harmony within your organisation and allow your team to feel heard.


Whether you are responsible for H&S, catering, security, cleaning, or maintenance, you need to be able to keep the plates spinning. Multi-tasking, prioritisation and organisation skills are essential in any successful Facilities Manager.


Understanding FM inside-out isn’t enough, anymore. You need to showcase an understanding of the industry in which your contract or building is. Working in partnership with the organisation and understanding its challenges and objectives will ensure operational success.

People Management

Strong people management is about understanding what motivates your team and balancing a common standard of excellence – while treating everyone as individuals. Leading by example is the best way to get everyone working together to achieve a common goal.

Relationship Building

We see all of the above attributes in the best Facility Managers, but it’s the ability to build a rapport with stakeholders at all levels that can make all the difference. Approaching situations with respect, empathy, and a clear focus on solutions will not only ensure you add value but will be seen as truly enabling success.

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