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Facilities Management (FM) is all around us, every day. It’s a diverse sector that offers a wide range of salaries, from £25k to over £100k. But what exactly is it?

At its core, FM can be divided into two main areas: Hard FM and Soft FM.

Hard FM includes things like Building Services, Engineering, Design, Construction, and Maintenance. On the other hand, Soft FM covers areas such as Security & Grounds, Catering, Cleaning, ICT, Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E), and Hospitality.

Essentially, Hard FM focuses on the buildings where people work, while Soft FM is all about the people within those buildings. With such a broad scope, there are countless roles within the field. For example, a Head of Facilities who is responsible for the management of staff, their development, recruitment selection etc is just as much a part of FM as a cleaner who is responsible for the cleanliness of the environment.

Hiring Challenges

But if there are so many job opportunities in FM, why do large firms sometimes struggle to find the right candidates? The answer lies in the lack of trainee positions available in the sector.

While qualifications like IWFM certifications, bachelor’s degrees, or NEBOSH qualifications can boost a CV, they may not always demonstrate the true skills and qualities needed for aspiring Facilities Managers.

Essential Skills

No matter the role, several skills are invaluable across all FM positions. These include multitasking, decision-making, leadership, time management, project management, clear writing skills, IT proficiency, and interpersonal relationship skills. The ability to connect with others is especially important today, as automation takes on more FM tasks. People skills are at the forefront now more than ever.

Work Environment

Typically, FM roles require a 40-hour workweek, but this may increase during emergencies or when deadlines are approaching. FM teams can include both in-house hires and experts from external organisations. Nowadays, external hires are more popular due to their specialized expertise, particularly with the current skill shortages.

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