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Changing your career can be scary, especially when moving into a new field. Bella did just that, leaving her hairdressing role and moving into an office-based role. Thankfully, Bella’s apprenticeship taught her everything she needed to excel in her new job, and as she nears the end of her 18-month course we sat down with her to find out what she has learnt!

What has your apprenticeship included?

“I’ve been studying business admin. This has shown me what goes on behind the scenes and has opened my eyes to the processes that keep a company running. I’ve learnt how to stay organised, analyse projects that I’ve been given, and approach tasks in new ways. Seeing this side of the business has surprised me and it’s great to be apart of the team that keeps everything running.” 

How did you come across this course and know it was what you wanted?

“Being in the salon day in day out, I knew I wanted a change. I always knew I wanted something within an office environment but wasn’t sure where to start. I stumbled upon recruitment which wasn’t something that I was even aware of. Build Recruitment reached out to me and recommended an apprenticeship course to me as I had no office experience. I was really lucky as that got the ball rolling for me and helped me to get where I am today.”

Did you know much about the recruitment process before starting at Build Recruitment, and would you recommend coming into this environment?

“I knew absolutely nothing about recruitment, and I had no office experience. I used to work in a hair salon and wanted to try something new. I think being in this environment and being surrounded by recruitment consultants has taught me about the sales process even though I’m not directly involved. As I work in the operation’s team, I see the other side of recruitment, from dealing with compliance to handling timesheets. As I’m someone who thrives in a highly pressurised environment so the buzz in such a fast-paced sector has helped me work a lot quicker and juggle many tasks at once.”

What skills have you learnt, and how have you found learning alongside doing the job?

“I struggled at first to balance my workload, but I’ve learnt to manage my time better which has helped a lot. I had good communication and written skills before I started this role, but they have heavily improved. To be able to do this job, you must have people skills, and be assertive to get what you need from people. Having the confidence to pick up the phone and make demands (nicely of course!) is something I found difficult at first, but now I have found the perfect balance. Now that I’ve built a knowledge and understanding of the industry, I feel a lot more comfortable in my work.”

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to someone looking to start out?

“I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship as you can work alongside learning and it gives you that extra boost of knowledge and confidence. It also looks great on your CV, and it’s nice to have the work to show for it also. I think it’s also really good for someone who is very unsure of what they want a career in, maybe even more so as it gives you so many options, for example even though I’m doing a business admin course I have so many different skills that can easily be transferred into another role.”

How would you sum up your experience with Build Recruitment?

“I’ve loved my time at Build Recruitment, it’s a hard-working office where everyone has the drive and motivation to want to work and do well which is so inspiring to be surrounded by. Being part of the operations team is great as it’s such a positive working environment, and no two days are the same. There are so many opportunities within my team to develop and grow and this has been proven by multiple members of my team who have progressed over several years, looking at their journey really motivates me and gives me that confidence boost.”


If you’re interested in a career or apprenticeship with us or would like some more information, please contact us at 0203 176 4790.