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As we come to the end of National Apprenticeship Week, we sit down to have a chat with Harvey Golding – our Apprentice Delivery Consultant – to catch up on how his apprenticeship is going.


What is your apprenticeship?

“I’ve been studying the Recruitment Consultant Level 3 apprenticeship, which gives me two qualifications when I finish. A Level 3 certificate in Recruitment Practice and a Level 3 NVQ diploma in Recruitment.” 

What does your apprenticeship include?

“Since starting my apprenticeship in September, I have covered multiple topics such as how to access candidates, how recruitment works in different sectors, the sales process, and just the basics of recruitment really.”

Did you have any recruitment experience before starting at Build?

“I had no prior recruitment or office experience before starting at Build. I had done a bit of work experience in sales and marketing in school, but it was very limited.”

What aspects of your apprenticeship do you enjoy the most, and how have you found working alongside learning?

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know other learners who are in the same position as me. I find it helpful to practice what I learn in my lessons, and having my lessons every two weeks gives me time to try out my new skills in between. I’ve also learned a lot about how recruitment works in different sectors, and seen how something as simple as calls can differ from industry to industry.” 

Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

“Yes definitely, the course is really well organised and it’s really helped me day to day. It’s also really beneficial long term, I think the course length sounds really long but when you are working alongside learning it goes really quick and you gain a qualification at the end!”

After completing my own apprenticeship recently, my chat with Harvey made me reflect on my experience and the valuable lessons that I’ve learned. Initially, when I joined Build, I was hesitant and lacked the confidence to share my ideas. However, as I progressed in my digital marketing apprenticeship, I gained more confidence not only in myself but also in my ideas. I strongly recommend apprenticeships to anyone who wants to start their career and build their knowledge. Learning while gaining practical experience is highly valuable and can help you not only improve your skills in a particular area but also gain real-world experience.

If you’re interested in viewing our available roles, please visit our “Work for Us” page or contact us at 02031 764 790.