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In today’s digital age, it’s tempting to solely rely on technology such as LinkedIn and WhatsApp to find potential candidates and establish connections leading to successful job placements. However, neglecting in-person meetings can have disastrous consequences.

Recent graduates and the younger generation often find themselves inundated with numerous emails and phone calls from recruiters, especially during the period when the job market is expanding. This can be an overwhelming experience, leaving them feeling anxious and uncertain about which opportunities to pursue.

When it comes to breaking down stigma and making lasting connections, starting with in-person events such as networking seminars or higher-education workshops can be more effective than simply sending a quick message through a platform like inMail. Meeting face-to-face allows for a stronger impression to be made and can lead to a more meaningful and long-lasting relationship.

Express Yourself

We previously discussed how 55% of communication is conveyed through body language. It can be difficult to accurately interpret nonverbal cues like facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice during phone conversations, making it challenging to understand how the other person is reacting. Meeting with a client or candidate in person provides a more comprehensive understanding of their feelings about your proposition, and they are more likely to trust you when they can see you face-to-face.

Online Misinterpretation

Your online presence should, in theory, be an accurate representation of you. But for most of us, this isn’t always the case.

It’s easy to elaborate or exaggerate our personal lives on social media, and the same can (but shouldn’t) be done for your professional life.

By meeting in person, natural conversation can give you a much clearer view of someone’s integrity. This isn’t always negative; a candidate might mention something they forgot to put on their CV for example, which ends up being the one thing that propels them above others to secure the role.

Emotional Contagion

Happiness and positivity are infectious. Not just in what you say – a welcoming outward demeanour is a great way to bring others around to your way of thinking.

By meeting a candidate or client, you can show that you’re a reliable person to interact with. And in a sector largely built on personal brands, this kind of face time is invaluable. 

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